About the Cases

The Commission has reviewed over 2,500 cases, however pursuant to statute, case names and files are confidential and not public record. A case only becomes public record if it is presented at a Commission hearing or through a Motion for Appropriate Relief (MAR). Included are links to the cases that have been presented at a Commission hearing or through an MAR and the documents from those cases that are now public record.

Please note that the web content does not include the full case file and only documents and reports from Commission hearings, that have become public record, are posted here. Please see N.C.G.S. 15A-1468 and N.C.G.S 132-1.

To view the public records documents for each case, please click on the cases in the timeline. The transcripts of the hearings are available for viewing ONLY. The transcripts online are NOT available to print. If you would like to purchase a copy of the hearing transcript please contact the court reporter whose information is located on each case page.

The public records from MARs and three-judge panel hearings are maintained by the Clerk of Court in the district of conviction.