Innocence Inquiry Commission Featured on the All Things Judicial Podcast, Part Three

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The latest episode of All Things Judicial features the final part of a three-part series on the North Carolina Innocence Inquiry Commission (NCIIC). This episode is hosted by Executive Director Lindsey Guice Smith and focuses on the roles and experiences of the Commission’s staff. In one riveting segment, staff members give firsthand accounts of their participation in investigations that uncovered post-conviction evidence that led to the exoneration of incarcerated individuals. This episode’s guests are Catherine Matoan, Beth Tanner, and Brian Ziegler.

“A large percentage of Commission cases that have resulted in exonerations came after we located evidence that someone else said had been destroyed,” Lindsey Guice Smith said on the podcast. “It’s really important that we do those searches, ask those questions, and do those follow-ups.”


Lindsey Guice SmithExecutive Director

Beth TannerAssociate Director

Catherine MatoanGrant Staff Attorney

Brian ZieglerStaff Attorney


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