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State v. Robert Charles Bragg

The Commission conducted a hearing in the case of State v. Robert Charles Bragg on August 31 through September 2, 2016. The Commission voted 6-2 that there was sufficient evidence of factual innocence to merit judicial review. At that time, the case was referred forward to a three-judge panel. The documents presented at the Commission hearing will become public record when filed with the Clerk of Court in Watauga County. Upon availability, the documents that become public record will be included below.


Some of these documents are very large. It may take a while to load and may not load properly on all devices. The documents are available below as PDFs.


State v. Robert Charles Bragg Brief

Handouts provided to the Commission during the hearing

Power Point shown to the Commission during the hearing

Commission Opinion


The transcripts of the hearing are available for viewing ONLY. The transcripts online are NOT available to print. If you would like to purchase a copy of the hearing transcript, please contact Victoria Pittman at P.O. Box. 47, Wake Forest, NC 27588.

NCIIC Hearing Transcript: State v. Robert Charles Bragg


Robert Charles Bragg Three-Judge Panel

This case has been referred to a Three-Judge Panel. A date for the Three-Judge Panel hearing has not yet been set. Additional information will be provided upon availability.


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