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The Commission has reviewed hundreds of cases, however those case names and files are not public record.  A case only becomes public record if it is presented at a Commission hearing.   Below are the cases that have been presented at a Commission hearing and the documents that are public record.

Please note that the web content does not include the full case file and only documents and reports from the Commission hearing that are public record are posted here.  If you prefer to view the documents in person, you must contact the Commission and make an appointment. 

The public records from three-judge panel hearings are maintained by the Clerk of Court in the district of conviction.

North Carolina General Statute § 15A-1468(e) states, "[a]ll records and proceeding of the Commission are confidential and are exempt from public record and public meeting laws except that the supporting records for the Commission's conclusion that there was sufficient evidence of factual innocence to merit judicial review, including all files and materials considered by the Commission and a full transcript of the hearing before the Commission, shall become public record at the time of referral to the superior court. Commission records for conclusions of insufficient evidence of factual innocence to merit judicial review shall remain confidential, except as provided in subsection (d) of this section."


State v. Reeves

State v. McNeil

State v. Taylor

State v. Kagonyera/ Wilcoxson

State v. Grimes

State v. Isbell, Mills, Williams

State v. Womble

State v. McCollum/Brown

State v. Joseph Sledge

State v. Edward Charles McInnis

State v. Knolly Brown

State v. Robert Bragg


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